At our tire section, we have a large inventory of used and new tires.
We offer very attractive prices on tires. We want to make sure our customers are safe and happy when they are on the road.

Most tires:
$15 TIRES (uninstalled)
$30-$40 TIRES (installed up to 18”) 
$50 TIRES (19"& ^ installed)
*Premier tires $10 more.


Off-hours prices are higher.

We also offer:

Tire repairs (plug/patch) 
Tire rotation

24-hours Tire service:

We also offer off-hours tire service.
The prices for off-hours service calls are higher but it is helpful if something is urent and cannot wait till the next mornng/business hours.
We mainly provide service at our own location. 
Our main goal is to help you back on the road as quickly as possible. 
In case we don't have the exact tire size, we'll still find some substitute size for your car so you can continue driving.
We sometime provide roadside assistance for tire service, battery jumpstart, fuel refill, etc., subject to availability of our technicians.

For off-hours service, we may require you to pay the fee upfront. 
We accept Paypal, CashApp, Chime and email transfers.

Call us at (317) 348-5555 for your tire needs any time of the day or night.